One Wild Ride

Andy’s first ride on his Benelli 600i to India Bike Week, Goa, in February 2016 with 16 other fellow bikers, a mini truck, and mechanics (to assist bikers in case of any breakdown), taught him a lot. With all the safeguards in place, riders thought they had it all, not anticipating the challenges ahead. With 16 fellow bikers, the Leader and Sweeper struggled to keep the Pack together. The first half of the group had to constantly stop to ensure the group is together and at one junction, Andy was misled to a different road, only to realise he was lost.

With no paraphernalia and his phone in his backpack, scared, Andy rode back trying to find his pack. He found his pack eventually, but the ride to Goa lasted 18 hours!

On their way back, riding along with a sick member (Diabetic and suffering from loosies!) -the pack got split again in complete opposite directions. Unable to connect or place where the other group was, their leader insisted they take another route. Hell-bent to get back with the rest of the group, Andy and six other riders were abandoned by their leader. Coordinating with the other half and riding back to safety cost them an additional 5 hours. Sleep riding, riding in the dark on the highway and exhaustion – the group was spent by the end of it all. After a 23 hour long, exhausting journey, Andy was deeply affected and inspired to help make things better for riders.

Hands-on his mission, he came up with a robust solution – Rev Your Soul.
An app by a biker, for bikers!

Simplify Riding

Andy, a passionate biker, has no choice but to ride solo often. There are only so many biker groups that he can be a part of. All he wants to do is make a plan, get people in on the plan and enjoy the ride. Rev Your Soul is the bikers app, by a fellow biker! A platform that can create, track, update, support and safeguard riders so that they can continue to explore and make memories!

Anand’s Journey

19,000 km ridden from 2015

What We Ride By


To change the unsafe and unhealthy superbike notion, and build a platform for riders across the country so the community can interact easily


To create an exclusive platform for riders across the country to help them connect, ride and share experiences to facilitate safer rides and more exploration.


To initiate better interaction, safety, planning and execution of trips while ensuring mutual respect for one another